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  • If there ever was a book whose philosophy and principles could push Memphis forward, it would be Stephen Goldsmith's The Power of Social Innovation
    - Andre Fowlkes, The Commercial Appeal, April 24, 2011
  • This book is a sort of bible of social innovation... It sets out both the potential of the partnership approach and the huge difficulties it will have to overcome.
    - The Economist, August 12, 2010
  • Stephen Goldsmith is the right man to write this book.
    - Perla Ni, Philanthropy, July 1, 2010
  • When it comes to doing good, Stephen Goldsmith is as disruptive an innovator as we've seen.
    - Clayton M. Christensen, professor, Harvard Business School and author, Disrupting Class
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News & Reviews

The Commercial Appeal

Andre Fowlkes explores the availability of "risk capital" for social innovation in Memphis. Read "Why not a 'venture fund' to support community initiatives?" here>>

Indy Star

Stephen Goldsmith is interviewed by Ryan Streeter for a column on the late James Q Wilson. Read Wilsonian influence on Indy

Lipscomb University

Lipscomb University reports on Stephen Goldsmith's remarks to students and to the Andrews Institute for Civic Leadership in Nashville. Read more>>

Edelman Trust Barometer

Stephen Goldsmith discusses the power of a government-NGO partnership. Watch more here>>

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Tim Glynn-Burke writes on lessons from Steve Jobs for innovators outside the business sector for Governing.com. Read The Crazy Ones, the Misfits, the Rebels

Social Space 2011

Gigi Georges and Tim Glynn-Burke contribute an article "Disruptive Logic: A new paradigm for social change" for the Lien Centre for Social Innovation's annual publication Social Space. Read the article here


James Toscano reviews The Power of Social Innovation, writing that it offers "insight and hope through emphasis on civic entrepreneurship." Read the full review here

Spark Blog

Echoing Green adds The Power of Social Innovation to its reading list! Read Books to start the New Year

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Stephen Goldsmith's latest column highlights a broad array of operational innovations that came up in 2011. Read Out of Desperation, Innovation

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Christopher Gergen and Bo Menkiti share the potential of, and strategies for creating, a fertile environment for social enterprises The Business of Social Innovation

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Great column from the vice president for educational preparedness at United Way for Southeastern Michigan and the principal of Detroit’s Cody Academy of Public Leadership. Based in part on recent webinar. Read Turning Around Dropout Factories.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

In his latest column for Better, Faster, Cheaper Stephen Goldsmith answers the question, How can government actively facilitate grassroots change? Read Grassroots-Powered Innovation.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

In a new column Jim Balfanz of City Year and Jim Emerman of Civic Ventures make the case for widening the pipeline of social innovators. The column is based in part on a recent Power of Social Innovation webinar featuring the authors. Read The Innovators of Tomorrow (and Yesterday)

Better, Faster, Cheaper

In his latest column, Stephen Goldsmith explains the rationale and offers some tips for the recipients of Innovation Delivery Team grants from Bloomberg Philanthropies. Read Supercharging Structural Innovation.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

"The time is right to join the network for fresh food in your community" write Rep. Dwight Evans of the Pennsylvania General Assembly and John Weidman of The Food Trust in their column, Growing Network: Fresh Food Financing Initiative.

Enterprise Resilience Management Blog

Stephen F. DeAngelis recounts last year's article Let's hear those ideas in The Economist along with some columns written by Stephen Goldsmith. "I believe a clear distinction needs to be made between charities and social entrepreneurial enterprises." Read the column here

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Stephen Goldsmith takes on procurement reform in his column Better Contracting, Greater Diversity. Among other tips, Goldsmith suggests that "Increasing training and mentoring can make it easier for small firms to do business with the city." Read the column here.

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

Carol Chetkovich reviews The Power of Social Innovation, which she describes as "a collection of engaging, inspiring, and sometimes enlightening stories of entrepreneurial efforts to address social problems..." Read the full review here (subscription required).

National Civic Review

Stephen Goldsmith and Tim Glynn Burke contribute an article to the 100th anniversary edition of National Civic Review (Vol. 100, No. 1). "Ignore Citizens and Invite Failure" argues that sustanable innovation efforts require mobilization of citizen demand.

Harvard Business Review

Stephen Goldsmith writes a new column as part of a very interesting three-week series exploring the re-invention of the social infrastructure of cities, published in partnership with the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard University. Read Lessons From New York City's Innovation Efforts.

The Commercial Appeal

Andre Fowlkes uses The Power of Social Innovation to issue a charge to the city of Memphis. ""The Power of Social Innovation" outlines true actionable steps to overcoming the kinds of obstacles we face here in Memphis, from breaking down protectionist barriers to building a public to opening space for innovation." Read more of Wanted: Memphis's civic-minded entrepreneurs

Gauravonomics Blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists!

The Power of Social Innovation listed among a number of wonderful books by Gaurav Mishra on his blog. Read the whole list here, How Might We Help Global Corporations Integrate Purpose, Participation and Profits?


Brian Lamb interviews Stephen Goldsmith for his program, Q&A. "It's the common issues of people across the country who struck me, A, but B, the difficulty of injecting innovative reform in a really large bureaucracy also struck me as well." Read the full transcript here

Encore Careers

Michele Melendez reviews our March 10 webinar featuring Jim Emerman of Civic Ventures and Jim Balfanz of City Year. Read Webinar Explores Pipelines for Creating Social Innovators. And check out a recording of the webinar here (free but registration required).

New America Foundation

The New America Foundation launched a paper by innovator and Executive Session member Maurice Miller, founder and CEO of Family Independence Initiative. "While this approach has been embraced by a small sector of supporters, it continues to face major obstacles in gaining policy and funding support." Read The Uphill Battle to Scale an Innovative Antipoverty Approach

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Stephen Goldsmith reviews a number of crowdsourcing tools the city of New York has been rolling out to improve communication flow between residents and government: both generating new good ideas and stopping bad ones. Read The Wisdom of the Crowd in New York City

Strategies & Direction Blog

François Couillard references The Power of Social Innovation in a blog post that looks to answer "Why is measuring important and what should we keep in mind when creating performance indicators?" He suggests, for example, measuring both "hard" and "soft" data. Read Social Innovation: 4 requisites for measurable results


Matthew Bishop and Michael Green, authors of Philanthrocapitalism, name The Power of Social Innovation as one of their books of the year. Read more on their blog here

Mobilize This!

Research Impact uses The Power of Social Innovation to illustrate a powerful message about the impact of its own work at York University's Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) Unit. Read the blog post "numbers, numbers, numbers" here


Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith talks with Brian Lehrer of The Brian Lehrer Show and New York City residents about The Power of Social Innovation and ways to save the city money. Listen to Deputy Mayor Asks and Tells: How Can New York Save Money?

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Stephen Goldsmith asks how we convince government officials to rethink how they approach their work? One answer: Some employees deserve more latitude than others. Read the column "Breaking Job Routines" here

City Hall

Deputy Mayor Goldsmith spoke at the On/Off the Record Breakfast hosted by City Hall. “My first goal is to figure out how we can produce productive changes from the labor force itself by talking to the unions and their leadership." Read At On/Off The Record Breakfast, Goldsmith Rebuffs Privatization Image

Social Innovation Solutions

Here is a great compilation of reviews and other pieces by the authors of The Power of Social Innovation from Tom Hoban of NC State University. Check out Ideas and Insights from “The Power of Social Innovation”

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Social innovators J.B. Schramm of College Summit and Dorothy Stoneman of YouthBuild share insights on effective government partnership. The column is based in part on their recent webinar.  Read Superman Isn't Waiting in the Wings, But Social Innovators Are

Indianapolis Star

Columnist Russ Pulliam profiles former mayor of Indianapolis and now deputy mayor for operations in New York City Stephen Goldsmith. "The Progressive movement created a system that is really encrusted. Innovation is more difficult with a system that is rule-bound, with 350,000 employees." Read Taking bite out of Big Apple

Better, Faster, Cheaper

NYC Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs and D.C. Chief Procurement Officer David Gragan write, "Normal people do not consider reforming procurement as critical to advancing social justice. But we're not normal people. Inefficient procurement processes work against the efficient delivery of critical social services." Read Social Innovation Snagged in Procurement Red Tape

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Stephen Goldsmith writes "Over the thirty years I have served in local and federal government, I have found that the key to producing public value lies in giving talented line employees discretion, listening to their ideas and holding them accountable. Those actually doing the work have great insights on how to improve work processes, which management often fails to unlock or implement." Read How Rules Demean Public Workers

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Stephen Goldsmith, Jayson White and Ryan Streeter in Milwaukee's Journal Sentinel: "Fortunately, the same technological and social innovations that have dramatically changed our world in the past generation make it possible for government to attain the objectives of the Progressive era without retaining its cumbersome procedures." Read 'Charter government' places citizens at the center

Social Innovation Exchange

Gigi Georges spoke at the Social Innovation Exchange’s “Six and the City” Summer School at Singapore Management University. The event brings together aspiring entrepreneurs from government and private sectors to explore “ideas, best practices, and methods on innovating to create a better city.” View her presentation, The Power-and Necessity-of Social Innovation in our Cities

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Boston's Chief of Programs and Partnerships, Judith Kurland, writes about the Family Independence Initiative. FII founder and CEO Maurice Miller and Kurland discussed their experience bringing the innovation to Boston in a recent webinar. Read Can the Poor Help Themselves? Social Innovation in Boston


Maya Enista, CEO of Mobilize.org, interviewed by Michael F. Shaughnessy on organizing for social change. "Millennials must authentically engage their peers in identifying  problems, proposing solutions, and most importantly, must work together to implement these solutions on their campuses and in their communities. " Read the full interview.

Mental Health News

Donald Fitch references The Power of Social Innovation in writing about the role of business in social change. Read The Economics of Recovery: When Worlds Collide (p. 8)


J.B. Schramm, Founder and CEO of College Summit, interviewed by Michael F. Shaughnessy on education reform. "A high school diploma is not enough, and more than that, it’s not going to motivate any young person to stay in high school and work hard." Read the full interview.

Nonprofit World

Terrence Fernsler reviews The Power of Social Innovation. "This book helps creative thinkers in nonprofits, public agencies, and funding organizations identify assets for transformative change." Read the full review, How Social Entrepreneurs Create Real Change under "Nonprofit Briefs" (registration required).

A Sacramento Nonprofit Blog

David H. Lukenbill excerpts from The Power of Social Innovation. From his introduction, "One of the most difficult decisions the leadership of human service organizations make—often unconsciously—is choosing between perpetuation or transformation, and, unfortunately, all too many choose perpetuation." See Service Program Innovation

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Stephen Goldsmith writes a first-person piece on lessons from government innovators like Michelle Rhee. Read Innovating Public Systems.

The Economist

The Power of Social Innovation highlighted in The Economist. "This book is a sort of bible of social innovation, full of examples of social entrepreneurs’ successes. It sets out both the potential of the partnership approach and the huge difficulties it will have to overcome." Read Social innovation: Let's hear those ideas


David Gragan, chief procurement officer for Washington DC, interviewed by Michael F. Shaughnessy on innovation and public procurement. Read the full interview.

Wall Street Journal

Stephen Goldsmith featured in The Wall Street Journal's "Weekend Interview," by John Fund.  Read 'Disruptive Questions' for New York.

Social Innovation Notes

Guest blog from Tim Glynn Burke on Graham Dover's Social Innovation Notes. "During our research we often identified some underexplored tension between government and social innovators, only to be reminded that many others had studied and written on that very topic." Read the post here.

Added Value

The Power of Social Innovation makes Added Value's list of top 5 books on innovation to read over the summer. Read Innovation Inspiration: Innovation & Branding Reads


ServiceNation offers a tribute to Stephen Goldsmith upon induction into their Service Hall of Fame.  Watch the video featuring former President George Bush, Sonal Shah, and others here.


Review of The Power of Social Innovation by Perla Ni. "Stephen Goldsmith is the right man to write this book." Read Bubbling Up

National Conference on Volunteering and Service

Stephen Goldsmith receives the George W. Romney Citizen Volunteer Award at the 2010 National Conference on Volunteering and Service. Watch the presentation


Gigi Georges interviewed by Michael F. Shaughnessy on innovation in public education. "In the Power of Social Innovation, we hope to contribute to this effort in a small way by shining a light on the many ways innovation can be a force for effective change." Read the full interview.

Innovations Journal

Gigi Georges and Stephen Goldsmith have an article in the Summer 2010 issue of MIT's Innovations journal, on executive leadership and innovation in NYC public schools. See Leading Social Innovation


An excerpt from The Power of Social Innovation is featured in GovFresh, the blog exploring "government-citizen collaboration" through digital media. Read Leveraging Social Media for Change

Government Innovators Network

A recording of the recent webinar Igniting Change in Juvenile Justice, part of our new Social Innovation Webinar Series, now available online (free, but registration required).

White House Blog

First Lady Michelle Obama announces philanthropic sector matches to the Social Innovation Fund. Stephen Goldsmith is recognized as "a leader in the world of social innovation" and for his service at CNCS by Director of the Domestic Policy Council Melody Barnes. Watch the announcement here

YouTube | Ash Center Channel

John O'Leary interviews Jon Schnur, founder of New Leaders for New Schools and an award-winning innovator featured in The Power of Social Innovation. Watch Better Schools with Better Principals: A Conversation with Jon Schnur

Detroit's WJR 760 AM

Steve speaks with Frank Beckmann about government reform and The Power of Social Innovation. Listen to the interview


Jonathan Walters pulls his most important lessons from The Power of Social Innovation for Governing readers. Read Disruptive Innovators

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Stephen Goldsmith argues that NYC really succeeded when it pulled funding for its controversial conditional cash transfer program. Read Social Innovation Knocks»

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Real estate entrepreneur Bo Menkiti, featured in The Power of Social Innovation, explains the connection between empowering clients and more sustainable funding models in a guest column on Better, Faster, Cheaper. Read Beyond Charity: For  Profits that Promote Social Good

Chronicle of Philanthropy

Caroline Bermudez reviews The Power of Social Innovation. Read How Nonprofit Groups Old and New Can Adopt Entrepreneurial Techniques (subscription required)

Harvard Crimson

Coverage of JFK Jr. Forum event with Michael Lomax, Mitch Landrieu, Linda Gibbs and Michele Jolin, IOP Panel Calls For Risk In Social Programs

Social Edge

Guest blog on Skoll Foundation's Social Edge, Civic Entrepreneurship

National Conference on Citizenship

Featured Discussion,What is the Role of Big Citizenship in Social Innovation and Change?

Case Foundation blog

Guest blog on the role citizens play in powering social innovation and on new tools for community engagement,Open Sourcing Innovation: Citizen, Community Problem Solving and Digital Media


Review by government reform and social innovation expert Pete Plastrik, Unleashing Social Innovation: The Two Big Approaches

Huffington Post

March 22, 2010 (Huffington Post) Guest column, Social Innovation for Low-Income Communities: Turning Risk Into Reward. Originally posted asExclusive Commentary on Spotlight for Poverty and Opportunity

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Column from Goldsmith on inducing innovation and better performing delivery systems, Monopsony and Social Innovation


Indianapolis TV station highlights new book from former Mayor Goldsmith. View the story


Indianapolis radio station highlights new book from former Mayor Goldsmith. Listen to the story»

Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity

Webcast with Stephen Goldsmith»

Nonprofit Picks of the Week

The Power of Social Innovation selected as "Publication of the Week" by Milwaukee's Frank Martinelli on Nonprofit Picks of the Week»

White House blog

In his role as chair of the Corporation for National and Community Service, Stephen Goldsmith announces start of the Social Innovation Fund competition. Read Introducing the Social Innovation Fund»


The Power of Social Innovation highlighted by Professor M Merce Rovira Regas on the European Commission's online community for government practitioners, ePractice.eu»

The Herald-Sun

Stephen Goldsmith op-ed with Isaac Newton Farris Jr., president and CEO of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Non-Violent Social Change in Atlanta and Rev. King’s nephew. Read A Day for Service»

Washington Post

Stephen Goldsmith interviewed for a Washington Post article on King Day. Read King Day of Service promotes volunteerism, community service»

Executive Session Working Paper

Professor Mark Moore and other members of the HKS Executive Session on Transforming Cities through Civic Entrepreneurship drafted a Manifesto to capture the main lessons and insights of the group's ongoing discussions.

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